Rank Tracking Simplified

We’ve designed BunnyRank to be super simple to use.

Yet full of jam-packed features.


Easy Project Setup. Blazing Fast Results.

Enter your project name… Type in your website URL… insert your Keywords. You’re done!


Elegant Dashboard. Beautiful Charts.

Login to access a clean and simple dashboard from any device. Your client dashboard is a refreshingly simple and usable interface with agency style reports.


  • Advanced displays and filters with extensive data customization
  • View your SEO scorecard to get a snapshot of performance
  • Export and rebrand beautiful graphs and data charts in multiple formats

Supremely Affordable with Premium Features.

All pro-level rank tracking premium features are available with each plan. There is no extra cost to access the bells and whistles of our system.


  • Enjoy risk free economy and high level plans
  • Track maximum Keywords and URLs
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time

Accurate Ranking Data. Powered by the Cloud & HTML5.

You can rely on our numbers. We simulate real users surfing the engines to gather our numbers. Unlike some providers who take short cuts that can cost you the accuracy – we don’t!


  • Accurate ranking data driven by our in-house proprietary algorithm
  • Large pool of real dedicated IPs ensures fastest data injection
  • Our system is powered and constantly upgraded with the latest web technologies

Create Custom, White Label Reports.

Download branded and white labelled reports, customizable views, charts and data that you can export and share.

Never Miss an Important Ranking Event.

Want to be alerted by email when a keyword gets to position #1? Want to be alerted when a keyword drops past spot 10 or 21 or 30? We’ve got you covered. Get live Rank Alert notifications delivered straight to your inbox, and act quickly on new opportunities.


  • Easily configure and schedule to get daily, weekly or monthly alerts
  • Customize “rank crossing” and “rank speed” alerts to be triggered for any keyword
  • Get notified for sudden gains or losses that you preset and configure
Two Types of Rank Alerts
Our Rank Alerts System is of 2 types, each of which allows you to setup specific alerts that you receive by email when a particular ranking event takes place for one or more keywords that you mark for alerts.
Read More About our Rank Alerts System Here
Get “Rank Crossing Alerts” notifications by email.

With the “Rank Crossing Alerts” feature, you can monitor if your keyword ranking increases positively in rankings beyond a specific position or if it loses and falls below a specific position that you define.

So, you may setup alerts to track if your keyword ranking…

– Enters the top x positions

– Leaves the top x positions

Easily customize any ranking crossing limit positions for any keyword – right from your dashboard.

Want to be alerted when a bunch of keywords enter the first page of Google?

Want to be alerted when a keyword gets to position #1?

Want to be alerted when a keyword drops past spot 10 or 21 or 30?

You may setup as many alerts as you like. There is no limit!


Get “Rank Speed Alerts” notifications by email.

With the “Rank Speed Alerts” feature you can be alerted if your keyword ranking changes by jumping up or down in its rankings more than a specific number of positions. Think of it as a speed change… or getting a speeding ticket 🙂

This can be used to monitor any suspicious drop in rankings (a Google penalty?) or sudden gains in rankings.

So, you may setup rank speed alerts to track if your keyword ranking –

  • Changes by more than x positions.
  • Gains more than x positions
  • Loses more than x positions

With Rank Speed Alerts feature, you can set limits for each keyword or group of keywords – so you are alerted when your keywords suddenly gain or lose their ranks. You can be alerted if your keyword gains or loses ‘x” number of positions in a day.

Perhaps you did something that landed you a Google penalty?

Maybe someone reputable in your niche gave you a high authority backlink that caused a whole bunch of keywords to suddenly gain huge rank jumps?

The “Rank Speed Alerts” feature will allow you get to quick alerts so you can inspect things and act fast.

You may setup as many alerts as you like. There is no limit!

Create Users. Grant Access to Clients.

Manage up to 10 users and give direct read-only access to each of them at a project based level.


  • Create and manage additional users (and clients)
  • Users and clients only see projects assigned to them
  • New users accounts created cannot edit or change any data

Organize Keywords into Manageable Groups.

View rank changes for groups of keywords to measure performance by your groups.


  • Analyze each keyword or group and mark favorites
  • Group, import, test and compare keywords
  • Track, manage and identify optimal search phrases

Access Your Dashboard from Any Device.

Access your user friendly dashboard via your mobile phone, tablet, PC or virtually any device on the planet. Get A Consistent User Experience.


  • Mobile and PC friendly client dashboard
  • Consistent and clean user experience, that’s 100% responsive
  • Access from virtually any device on the planet

200 Countries Supported. Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Get accurate geo-local ranking data from Google, Yahoo and Bing in over 200 countries worldwide.


  • All plans allow you add as many countries as you like
  • No extra charge or Keyword credits to track Yahoo and Bing
  • International characters and search terms are supported

Your Data is Safe and Secure via SSL Encryption.

Cloud architecture and daily backups ensure that in the event of system failure, your data is restored quickly and seamlessly with negligible downtime.


  • High grade cloud based servers with geo located data centres
  • Your project data privacy and safety is guaranteed
  • Fail safe backup servers ensure zero loss of any data

Spy on Your Competition. Track Any URL.

See who is dominating which keyword and focus your efforts to out rank them.


  • Get individual customized report for each competitor and keywords
  • Track rankings of Youtube videos, Squidoo pages or anything with a URL
  • See it today. Plan for tomorrow

Best Support in the Industry. And we’re proud of it.

At BunnyRank, we love our customers and we’re always glad to help you out if you have any queries or problems. Just open a ticket through our Support System or Live Chat and we’ll respond quickly.


  • Our proactive support team boasts an 8 hour average response time
  • Our Support Team will always do their absolute best to help you
  • Premium support is provided to all customers with a paid account

Our Migration Plan, Makes Moving Quick and Easy.

Want to move to BunnyRank from another provider? Our 48 hour guaranteed moving service makes moving over from another provider fast and simple.


  • Export your ranking data from your current provider
  • Choose a plan based on your Keyword level requirement
  • Send us an email and we’ll get you fully setup and live

Rank Tracking Simplified

Try a plan Risk Free.